Anatomy of a Network GPS Clock

If you are replacing a legacy timing system, in many cases you may re-use existing antenna and output cables, resulting in huge savings on installation labor hours and thousands of dollars in reduced cutover costs. Our Timing & Synchronization Engineers can provide expert analysis of your timing needs, perform on-site synchronization surveys, and develop a Sync Plan specific to your network configuration.

Services to Help you Succeed

TesCom Timing also offers training packages for Planning, Design, Installation and Maintenance of Timing & Synchronization networks. We can provide expert analysis and testing guidance for troubleshooting Timing & Synchronization issues that cause a wide range of network fault and error conditions.

In addition, TesCom also manufactures Halcyon test instruments, with products aimed at troubleshooting timing issues. We are YOUR timing experts. All TesCom & Halcyon branded products are MADE IN THE USA.