Dawn of a New Era in Communications Testing

Following a 27-year lifespan our 2nd generation Halcyon 704A is taking a bow, giving way to not one, but two modern alternative communications test platforms.

The popular Halcyon features you’ve always enjoyed are now available in the tablet based DataScout 10G and ACT6000 multi-function test sets.

Let TesCom help you manage the transition to these new solutions by reviewing our feature comparison matrix.  Click here to determine which model best suites your needs.The DataScout 10G is a multi-function test set available as TIMS-only, or TIMS, DDS/DataCom & T1 configurations can also be provisioned with DS3 and Ethernet testing to 10 Gigabit. The 10G requires no replaceable service modules as all the interfaces are built into a convenient user interface for point & click operation. Built-in user manuals complete with training videos also provide instant support to technicians for test setups.

The ACT6000 offers increased bandwidth of 6MHz or optional 30MHz, Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency-Selective Level-Meter,  DSL loop qualification & analysis, and exhaustive cable fault locating tools including a TDR.  The user interface provides quick & easy access to all features and the light, compact size makes for comfortable hand-held use.  Already popular worldwide, the ACT6000 is available in two configurations, one for telecommunications, and one for power utilities.  


As we say goodbye to the Halcyon 704A, TesCom still has you covered for analog and digital testing.  The DataScout 10G and ACT6000 both continue our strong tradition in leadership for telecommunications testing needs.  Click here to review or download data sheets.  To receive a quotation, click here.


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