Multiple Test Features Without Modules

Are you tired of buying fanny packs to carry all those modules for your multi-purpose test set?  Modules get lost and with daily swapping of multiple modules, the base unit electrical connections wear out and become unreliable.  Who needs that?

The Halcyon multi-function test set has everything built-in, so you never need to swap modules!  Models range from Broadband TIMS-only, Digital sub-rate-only, and T1-only, or any combination of the three.  Many customers purchase them all, replacing a dozen independent test sets with a single package.

And speaking of TIMS (Transmission Impairment Measuring Set), most modular multi-function test sets are severely lacking in the full suite of features required for complex analog services.  When you test these critical circuits, you need a REAL TIMS, not some cheap imitation.  The Halcyon 704A series remains the most widely used Broadband TIMS world-wide. 

Until humans learn to speak binary, you still need TIMS testers.  So if you are going to buy a TIMS, buy a real one.  The Halcyon 704A has many flavors to suit your needs for analog AND digital testing.

The Halcyon 704A is carried by technicians with backpacks in major cities, flown around the world by international integrators, posted at mission-critical locations for US military and civilian  networks, and utilized world-wide by carriers large and small.

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Daniel B. Burch- VP Global Sales, TesCom