Universal Telecom Radio Connector Kit (KT-FAACNCT)

Tescom USA

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The Westek Universal Telecom Radio Professional Connector Kit is designed to meet the testing requirements of Air Transport Specialists and System Management Engineers nationwide.

Kit comes with a 2-year, Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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 Connector Kit (Quantity)  Part Number
Dual Bantam to Dual Bantam 6' (1) TC-250/6
Bantam to Bantam 6' (2) TC-200/6
BNC to BNC 6' (2) TC-FAA500BLK/6
Krone to Krone Highband 10' (1) TC-KRNHB/10
TAD 3 Blue (2) TC-AD310B
TAD 3 Red (2) TC-AD310R
Ad. 66 Block (2) TC-AD66
Female Bantam Adpt to Mini Grabbers (2) TC-020LMG
Female Bantam Adpt to Dual Banana (2) TC-020204
Female Bantam Adpt to 66 bLOCK (2) TC-02066Y
Female Bantam Adpt to BNC (2) TC-020BNC
Female Bantam Adpt to 110D (2) TC-020110D
Dual Female Bantam Adpt to Krone (2) TC-(F)DBANKRNHB
Female Bantam Adpt to Alligator Clips (2) TC-020 L1
Male BNC to Male BNC coupler (2) TC-BNCCPLR
Cord Carry Bag (1) CB 22000 000