Ts2+ Clock Multi-Sync Gateway

Ts2+ Clock Multi-Sync Gateway

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TesCom's NEW Ts2+ Clock Multi-Sync Gateway! In addition to all the features of the Ts2, the Ts2+ can be used worldwide! The four independent TDM outputs to meet your legacy needs are port-selectable as T1 with Sync Status Messages (SSM), E1 with Sync Status Messages (SSM), 2.048 MHz Square, and Mini-connector and output cable included.

Special Features: 

The new Ts2+ clock can be equipped with an 8-hours or 24 hour holdover oscillator and a jamming-safe GPS is available upon request. Two versions are available, the 32-clients and a 128-clients. 

The SyncMendR - Ts2+ Emergency Kit Description:

The SyncMendR allows for users to have ease of mind and be prepared for anything. This emergency clock kit includes:

  • Ts2+
  • Power supply
  • Antenna
  • Antenna Cable