XR-3 Satellite Meter 5G C-Band Repack Kit 2

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The 5G C-Band Repack Kit 2 is ideal for customers who have the XR-3 or XR-3W Signal Meter. Products included in this kit are the XR-S2XACM-01 (VSAT) Module and the 5G Phase 2 Blue Filter (4000 to 4200 MHz).

XR-S2XACM-01 (VSAT with DVB S2X) Module      [Datasheet]

  • Satellite Meter Module
    • VSAT
    • Broadcast TVRO
    • International DTH
  • 950-2150 MHz

5G Blue Phase Filter                                                    [Datasheet]

The 5G C-Band Bandpass Filter is designed to eliminate interferences from 5G and any other potential source of out-of-band interference. This RF filter is ideal to block C-band content interruption and to provide a smooth signal.