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XR-3 Satellite Signal Level Meter Module Kit On Sale Now

Purchase a Meter Kit and receive a free hard shell carrying case for your meter and equipment!

XR-3/XR-3W Satellite Signal Level Meter  XR-3 Datasheet XR-3 User Manual

Update the XR-3 Meter using WiFi

XR-3 Basic Setup

XR-3 Remote App

Connect Phone or Tablet Remote App to the XR-3 Meter 

XR-3 Meter Application Notes

Auto Name POP Scan

Add Custom Transponder to XR-3 Meter 

XR-3(W) Quick Start Guide

Digital Cable-Air Module for XR-3

Digital Cable-Air Datasheet

OTA Antenna Alignment
Turbo-S2 Module Turbo-S2 Datasheet Turbo-S2 User Manual  Turbo-S2 Quick Start Guide
VSAT with DVB S2X Module VSAT with DVB S2X Datasheet VSAT with DVB S2X User Manual

Install C Band System with XR-3 VSAT

Install Ku Band VSAT System with XR-3

VSAT S2X Quick Start Guide

VSAT S2X with NIT Module VSAT S2X with NIT Datasheet VSAT S2X with NIT User Manual VSAT S2X Module Featuring NIT

Install C Band System with XR-3 VSAT

Install Ku Band VSAT System with XR-3

VSAT S2X with NIT Quick Start Guide

PC-2X Handheld Generator

 PC-2X Datasheet PC-2X User Manual

PC-2X Improvements 

PC-2X Showcase

Ts2 MultiSync Clock Ts2 Datasheet Ts2 User Manual

Ts2+ MultiSync Clock with T1/E1

Ts2+ Datasheet Ts2+ User Manual
NPRT 2200 Return Path Noise Power Ratio Test Set NPRT 2200 Datasheet NPRT 2200 User Manual
NS-1 Handheld Broadband Noise Generator  NS-1 Datasheet  NS-1 User Manual 
NS-3 RF Noise Source  NS-3 Datasheet  NS-3 User Manual