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The ACT6000 combines various kinds of transmission, metallic and special tests. It can be considered to be the most advanced Test Set today for qualifying and maintenance of advanced transmission systems and copper pairs used for various telecommunication services: from VOICE to VDSL.

One of ACT6000’s most interesting features is the new high-resolution color graphic display, a real “window” on the most advanced measurements’ world.

The alphanumeric keypad, as well as the function-keys, grant to the instrument a high operating level. Moreover, take note that, due to its accurate and intuitive “Human Machine and Graphics User Interface”, this instrument needs the help of the user’s manual to arrange and carry out unusual measurements and/or settings.

One ACT6000, suitably configured, can perform easily and quickly “Single-End Line Tests” or very accurate “End-to-End Tests” together with another ACT6000. The wide range of measurements of the ACT6000 allows the qualification and certification of various communication carriers and copper pairs used for digital streams with a frequency span up to 6 MHz (or 35 MHz optional); moreover, the instrument can automatically extrapolate the ADSL and VDSL maximum expected data rate of the copper line under test.

ACT6000 can be configured for in-depth analysis, by special functions and internal optional modules. The complete adoption of these modules allows the simple and fast finding of anomalies and/or faults on the copper line and communication systems.


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