ACT6000 Applications


Software Updates

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Tutorial Videos 

Product Overview 

  • Highlights of the main characteristics, functions and field applications.

TDR Fault Locator

  • Description of the internal Time-Domain Reflectometer that allows many tests for copper line finding, impedance mismatching and occasional troubleshooting as the micro-interruptions test. 

SELT Operation

  • Use of a single ACT6000 to perform a complete copper line qualification (electrics and transmissive tests, xDSL maximum bit rate evaluation included).

DELT Operation

  • Use of a couple of ACT6000s to perform an accurate copper line certification (bilateral transmissive tests, xDSL maximum bit rate estimation included).

RFL Fault Location

  • Resistive insulation test and fault finding.


  • Use of ACT6000 to perform an high impedance Power Spectrum Density test on active lines to verify the stream energy of xDSL equipments, very useful also to verify the DBPO application on FTTCAB plants. 

File Management

  • File-measurements, saving, and exporting.

Guides & PC Utilities 

Application Notes for PLC "Power Line Carrier" Systems Tests

Application Guide for Telcos (Copper Pairs Qualifications and Maintenance) 

Application Guide for Lines, Channels, and TLC Systems Qualifications and Maintenance