FT2ER Quad DS1 Fiber Optic Extension

Fiber Transmission Larus


Fiber Transmission Larus Fe2

The Larus Model FT2ER local loop lightwave extension for metallic T1 is a four-channel DS1 multiplexer/demultiplexer that operates with full protection on the fiber (network) side.

An end-to-end Model FT2ER Quad DS1 Fiber Optic Extension System is comprised of the FT2ER circuit pack and mounting shelf at each terminal end and the interconnecting fiber. A fully protected system requires two FT2ER circuit packs at each terminal end. The units operate with either single or multimode cable, with distances of up to 39 miles (63.3 km). They are also ideal for pedestal and CEV environments and operate over a temperature range of -40 to 75 degrees C.

Ordering Information:

  • FT2ER-1 Quad DS1 Fiber Optic Extension Module
  • 1187-1 Mounting Shelf, 19/23 inch, holds up to 10 (5 pairs) of modules
  • 1188-3M/F WL1 Mounting Shelf, 19/23 inch, holds up to 14 (7 pairs) of modules SPECIAL ORDER- CONTACT FACTORY
  • 1189-0 Mounting Shelf, Remote, Desktop or Wall-mount, holds 2 modules 

 Call 1-800-888-1978 to order or email sales@tescomusa.com.