GPS Clocks - Packet and TDM

TesCom's line of GPS Clocks includes three models - the TiemPo 6400A, the TiemPo 6400N Nano, and the Ts2 Multi-Sync Packet Gateway. Whether you need synchronization solutions for TDM (T1, E1, CC, frequency) or Packet (PTP/SyncE, 1PPS/10MHz, ToD) in your central office or rugged field cabinet, we have time and synchronization solutions for your needs. 


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Ts2 Clock Muli-Sync Gateway 



TiemPo 6400N Nano

GPS Clocks TiemPo 6400N Nano

Field Cabinets



TiemPo 6400A

GPS Clocks - Packet and TDM



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