Halcyon 704A-400 Series™ TIMS/Signaling Wideband Test Set

The Halcyon 704A-400 Series TIMS/Signaling Wideband Test Set (704A-410, 704A-430 and 704A-460 Models) is a hand-held test set optimized for installation and maintenance of analog voice band, pro- gram and wideband data services including Class Services and circuits utilizing DID signaling (E911).

Test Set types are the 704A-410 is a basic 1.5 MHz test set with digital loop qualification features; the 704A-430 includes emulation for CO and PBX switches and the 704A-460 includes testing emulation for CO and PBX switching plus Class testing.

When equipped with 1.5 MHz option, the TIMS/Signaling Wideband Test Set is ideally suited for ADSL, HDSL, ISDN and DDS Facility Testing. Designed with state-of-the-art technology and engineered for ease of operation, the 704A-400 provides users with single-button test execution allowing quick circuit diagnosis and repair without extensive training. 

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Halcyon 704A-400 Series™ TIMS/Signaling Wideband Test Set  Key features include:
  • Rugged, Lightweight & Hand-Held TIMS/Signaling
  • Wideband Test Set
  • RJ-11 Modular Jack
  • Dual Mini-Phone Jacks (Bantam)
  • 2-/4-Wire Interface
  • 100, 135, 600, 900 and 1200 Ohm & Bridged Measure Line Voltages & Polarity
  • Monitor RINGING Voltage
  • ADSL/xDSL Facility Testing - Nyquist Tones 1.5MHz Range - Load Coil Testing - ERL Signaling-DID/PBX CO Emulation
  • Digit Capture/Analysis-Wink Timing
  • Class Services Test Package
  • Complete VF & Wideband TIMS
  • E, F, and G Noise Filters


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