Halcyon 704A-PKG/NTS Series Universal Data Test Sets

The Halcyon 704A Packages™ Universal Data Test Sets (704A-PKG2,704A-PKG3, 704A-NTS1 and 704A-NTS2) are hand-held integrated test sets, which are optimized for analog and digital telecommunications. They are typically used by DS0/DS1, Central Office (CO), Digital Operations Group (DOG), Special Services, and CO/OSP construction technicians.

These test sets for all models are digital and analog with real digital emulation, digital loop qualification features and emulation for CO and PBX switches. They  perform full-service broad- band TIMS and data tests. Each model’s primary purpose is data testing and qualification of facilities for DSL Services, Analog Special Services and DID trunk testing, including Single-screen measurements for Pre-Wink, Wink and Answer. The 704A-PKG2, 704A-PKG3 and 704A-NTS1 include the above mentioned functions; the 704A-PKG2 also functions as a DDS Test Set; 704A-PKG3 functions as a T1/FT1 Test Set and the 704A-NTS1 functions as a DDS and T1 Test Set.

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Halcyon 704A-PKG/NTS Series Universal Data Test Sets  Key features include:
  • Rugged, Lightweight & Hand-Held Universal Analog/Digital Test Set
  • Analog/Wideband TIMS, Signaling/Digit Capture, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Digital Data Services (DDS), DS0, BRI-ISDN & T1/FT1
  • Basic and Wideband Transmission Impairment Measuring Set (TIMS) to 1.5MHz with Nyquist Tones, Load Coil Detection, E, F and G Filters for DSL/High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) Noise/Impulse Noise Measurements and Return Loss
  • Signaling Package for DID-PBX, Station & Central Office (CO) Emulation, Digit Analysis & Wink Timing with Optional Types I-V E & M. Ideal for E911 and related services
  • Enhanced “Class Services” Caller & Name ID Package
  • Versatile DDS Test Package with 4-Wire DEMARC,
  • DS0-OCU and DS0-DP, T1 and DTE/DCE Test Interfaces,
  • including RS-232, V.35, RS-449 and RS-530
  • T1/FT1 Test Package features single keystroke BERT Testing Setup

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