The Halcyon 756A Integrated Digital Data Services (DDS) Test Set is a hand-held integrated test set optimized for installation and maintenance of DDS, Switched 56K, 2-Wire Datapath, ISDN, T1 and Fractional T1. Typical users are DS0/DS1, Central Office (CO), Digital Operations Group (DOG), Special Services and CO/OSP Construction Technicians.

Designed with state-of-the-art technology and engineered for user-friendly operation, the 756A provides users with an intuitive interface allowing quick circuit diagnosis and repair without extensive training. Its internal NiMH battery pack provides up to 4-hours of continuous operation. In addition, the 756A can be configured to meet customer specific requirements.

The 756A DDS test set provides real signal emulation, digital loop qualification features, including 4-Wire and DS0 DDS interface (includes built-in CSU/DSU) and Switched 56 testing. The 756A-01 includes full DDS testing capability at any point in circuit such as OCU-DP, DS0-DP, 4-Wire cable pairs and NID. 

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Halcyon 756A Key features include:
  • Rugged, Lightweight & Hand-Held Integrated DDS Test Set
  • Emulates CSU/DSU
  • 4-Wire Local-Loop Interface
  • DS0 & Bipolar Interfaces
  • All rates from 2.4Kbps through 38Kbps, 56K, SW 56K & 64K
  • Transmit & Receive: DDS Control Codes; QRW 2047, 511 & All-1s; DDS Stress Patterns & Byte Encoded Patterns
  • Comprehensive Loopback Tests: Alternating & Latching; DS0, OCU, CSU, DSU, NI, LSI, MJU and V.54
  • Comprehensive Error Analysis
  • Compatible with Centralized Test Equipment (CTE)
  • Load Coil Testing


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