The Halcyon Option C is a complete T1 and Fractional T1 test option which may be added to the 704-NTS1/-NTS2 Universal Data Test Set or the 756A Integrated Digital Data Services (DDS) Test Set platforms. This factory installed option provides comprehensive loopback control and a library of BERT test patterns. Automatic configuration provides one keystroke setup resulting in error free configuration, reduced fault clearing time and minimal training.

In the Monitor mode, one press of the Auto key and the technician is rapidly advised of the receive framing, line coding, test pattern or live data and a pass/fail indication. A glance at the front panel LEDs updates the test status without further intervention, eliminating the menu searching.

The Option C Fractional T1 offers an easy to use interface. When Fractional T1 is selected, a display of the 24 DS0 time slots permits the user to simply mark those to be included in the fractional test and select the BERT pattern to be used.

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 Key features include:
  • Full function T1, FT1 & DS0
  • Monitors Signaling Bits on all 24 Channels
  • DS0 Drop for Optional DDS and “Packet Mode” Stress Testing
  • Remote PC Control through GUI Interface
  • One keystroke setup for T1/FT1 Line Monitoring
  • Automatic Configuration & Pattern Recognition
  • Measures T1 Level, Frequency and Clock Slips
  • CSU, ESF, NIU, V.54 & High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) ADTRAN/PairGain Loop Codes with Automatic Arming
  • Supports SF/ESF/SLC Framing with AMI/B8ZS Line Coding

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