To be recognized by our customers as the best resource for calibration and metrology support by providing services that exceed expectations, at competitive prices, and to become a trusted partner for the long term.



To conduct all calibrations with an experienced professional staff utilizing nationally recognized methods.
To conduct all calibration using the best available standards and equipment that matches the application.
To provide service cycle times that meet or exceed customer expectations.
To earn our customer's trust and respect by always keeping our commitments.
To build customer satisfaction through positive interaction and proactive service.
To provide a full range of calibration and metrology support services that meet our customer's needs.
To encourage employee empowerment, accountability and growth within a safe work environment.
To provide management leadership and direction that enables employees to focus on providing excellent service.
To review results against measurable objectives on a regular basis, and then continually improve our processes, skills and equipment capabilities.


Management Statement 

TesCom Cal Lab management is committed to providing a quality calibration every time to every customer. To this end we have established a quality management system that documents our policies and the procedures used to implement them. With this system, we comply with ISO/IEC 17025:2005, Z540.1 standards. We will ensure that our system is implemented, followed and reviewed on a regular basis.



  • Meet quarterly quality objectives
  • Meet quarterly service cycle objectives