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RMA Request Page

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For Applied Instruments products, please note the following flat rates will apply:
(Note: Prices do not include hardware upgrades or frequency changes where applicable. UPS ground return shipping included in the flat rate for the continental US only.)

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Model Flat Rate Repair Model Flat Rate Repair
Super Buddy $335 USD PC-1 $205 USD
XR-3 / XR-3W+ $310 USD PC-2 $205 USD
XR-TS2-01 $160 USD NS-1 $205 USD
XR-S2ACM-01 $160 USD NS-3 / NS-3RM $1,150 USD
XR-CA-01 $160 USD 5112 $1,150 USD
$160 USD RFSD-2XA $1,150 USD
$160 USD ACE 5400 $1,150 USD
$160 USD
6106 Hector’s PUP
$295 USD
AITS2 / VSAT 7850
$335 USD
XR-3W+ Upgrade Only $150 USD
 Available Power Supply Repair Services
  • Minimum quantity 5 power supplies per RMA
  • Power supply voltages must be 500V or lower