T1 Automatic Span Powering Repeaters  

Models 1119 and 1122 T1 Office Repeaters, Model 1181 T1 High Density Repeater

A typical office repeater contains a digital regenerator and special DC supply. These form an Automatic Span Power Repeater (ASPR) that controls the simplex power loop on a T1 span line at its central office termination. All Larus repeaters are selectable for either 60mA or 100 mA loops, and meet the demanding UL1459, Edition 2 and NEC1990 standards.

The Larus Models 1119 and 1181 models are temperature hardened to operate from -40 degrees to 75 degrees C. , making them ideal for outdoor cabinet or CEV applications. Three different form factors are available for the most popular shelf applications.

Model 1119-5 T1 Office Repeater, ITT 621170 Mechanics


.,mn The Larus Model 1119 T1 Office Repeater provides automatic span powering in ITT 621170 shelves and is transparent to AMI and B8ZS line codes. A bipolar error detector module indicates data pulses and bipolar violations not part of a B8ZS coding system. A card edge connector contact provides the actual error signal and may be used to drive an external error counter. Secondary lightning and power transient surge protection is present at the facility interface ports. The unit contains an Automatic Span Powering Regulator (ASPR) that assures a well-regulated simplex current loop.

The Model 1119-5 is one of the most popular Larus repeaters. It serves as a replacement for older generation office repeaters offered by various manufacturers.

Ordering Information:

  • 1119-5 ASP Repeater, ITT 621170 Mechanics, B8ZS compatible, w/ Precompensation
  • 2209-2WL1 Mounting Shelf, 1119 repeater, 12 slot, 19/23 inch

Model 1122-0 T1 Office Repeater, Lynch/Alcatel Mechanics

The Larus Model 1122 T1 Office Repeater provides automatic span powering, It is designed to be interchangeable with the Lynch 303ST11A Repeater and mounts in the Lynch 302 and 303 series equipment shelves. An AMI/B8ZS bipolar error detector indicates the occurrence of only those bipolar errors which are not the intentional errors used for B8ZS encoding. The detector signals data pulses and bipolar violations by means of light emitting diodes (LEDs).

The Model 1122 is electrically the same as Larus Model 1119 but fits mechanically into a Lynch/Alcatel shelf.

Ordering Information: 

  • 1122-0 ASP Repeater, Lynch/Alcatel Mechanics, B8ZS compatible, w/ Precompensation

Model 1181-0 High Density T1 Office Repeater, Rockwell 3192 Mechanics

The Larus Model 1181 Automatic Span Powering Repeater is designed to fit in the Rockwell standard 3192 mechanics high density shelf. 28 of these cards fit into the shelf, making a full demux'd T3 available in one rack.

Ordering Information:

  • 1181-0 ASP Repeater, High Density, Rockwell 3192 Mechanics

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