635A QuickBERT-T1

635 Quickbert by TesComUSA

 635 Quickbert T1 by TescomUSA635 Quickbert T1 by TesComUSA



The TesCom QuickBERT-T1 test set makes it quick and easy to verify and troubleshoot T1 facilities. Instantly get essential information, including framing type, line coding, BERT pattern, T1 signaling and frame synchronization status, alarm conditions, density violations, and framing loss.  Error conditions are also automatically displayed such as: bipolar violations, frame bit errors, CRC errors (ESF), and bit errors in a received BERT pattern. For long-term testing, history status is provided to indicate intermittent problem conditions. Test results can be printed for further analysis.  The QuickBERT-T1 gives you fast, in-depth test features without time lost in configuring the test or remembering setups and menus. The lightweight, rugged design makes this handheld instrument easy to use in any location. Key features include:

  • Transmits all standard T1 BERT patterns and loop codes

  • Transmits HDSL loop codes

  • Has the ability to insert logic, BPV, and frame bit errors

  • Automatically syncs to and displays framing type, line coding, and BERT pattern

  • Performs BERT and Fractional T1 BERT (Nx56 and Nx64)

  • Captures and displays DTMF digits Measures DS1 frequency, level, and clock slips

  • Displays standard T1 alarms and major T1 performance parameters

  • Displays AMI or B8ZS line coding

  • Monitors voice, DS0 frequency and level, and DS0 signaling and data bits

  • Prints test results and setup information

Call 800-888-1978 to order or email sales@tescomusa.com.

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