Copper Pro 990DSL

CopperPro 990 Series II by TesComUSA


The 990 CopperPro Series II provides a full range of troubleshooting, fault locating, testing and qualification capabilities. That means top performance with fewer tools to carry.

Rugged construction and easy-to-use features give your technicians the vision to build, repair, install, and maintain OSP systems more efficiently with fewer repeats.

Demand is growing rapidly for next generation broadband services such as video on demand, broadband Internet access, and VoIP. That tremendous potential for new business puts the pressure on your technicians and outside plant (OSP) to deliver on performance.

Be ready to take advantage of new opportunities with a test set that can help your technicians:

  • Quickly qualify the facilities for ADSL, VDSL, HDSL, T1, and other special services.
  • Easily identify and locate possible problems to ensure reliable performance.
  • Install new services efficiently with fewer call-backs.
  • Verify connectivity and network performance to ensure that next generation services perform up to your customers’ expectations.




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