The TiemPo 6400A is a totally integrated and modular system for use in advanced Next Generation Network NTP packet synchronization applications. The TiemPo 6400A system also provides flexible and cost effective solutions to Stratum 1/PRC, Stratum 2E, 2/TNC, and Stratum 3E/LNC digital and packet transmission timing and synchronization applications.

The TiemPo 6400A is designed to provide timing for DACS, SONET equipment, digital switches, VoIP media gateways, soft switches, DWDM equipment, vocoders, and channel banks.


For providing precise time through ethernet packet networks, a low cost integrated SNTP solution can be ordered. The optional DigiTimeTM module provides Precision Time Protocol (PTP-IEEE-1588v2) to support the most demanding time-stamping requirements. The installed DigiTime module can take accuracy to UTC down to the low single digit microsecond range. 

An optional GPS Stratum 1 receiver module is available for ultra precise network timing requirements, and two can be installed per system for complete redundancy.

The TiemPo 6400A offers internal system monitoring and performance measurement combined with remote and local reporting in standard TL1 format or accessed with a new web browser-based Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The system can be utilized in either DS1 or E1 environments. Simply select the appropriate software menu selections, port-by-port.The TiemPo 6400A circuit card provisioning settings and operating functions are software generated, affording both speed and flexibility in system application changes, testing, and monitoring.

If your GPS antenna has to be located farther than 500 feet from the TiemPo 6400A system, consider the optional DUC GPS Antenna Extender Kit to avoid the hassles and cost of running expensive special low loss cable.

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Each output card provides 8 outputs, and the Master shelf can accommodate up to 8 output cards. That means 64 potential outputs per Master shelf, and those can be incorporated into 1:1 protected outputs via an external Y cable. The optional Expansion Shelf provides up to 128 additional outputs (or 64 1:1 protected), for a total of 192 outputs (96 1:1 protected). A total of 4 expansion shelves can be combined to provide up to 576 total outputs (288 1:1 protected).

The available output card options include a universal output card supplying DS1, E1, CC and 2.048 Square Wave on a single card, programmable port-by-port. Other cards include IRIG-B, 5/10 MHz, Time Code with outputs of 1 PPS, 1PPM and 1PPH, 1.544 MHz/ 8KHz RS-422, and a Retiming Timing Insertion Unit (RTIU) that will re-time 2 DS1s per card to Stratum standards.

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