Having limited rack space doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. The cost-effective TiemPro 6400N Nano GPS timing clock provides similar functionality as our full-size TiemPo 6400A but is just 1.75” (44.45 mm) high (1 rack unit) by 8.5” (216 mm) wide. Designed for small remote sites or field cabinets in rugged environments, the TiemPo 6400N can withstand wide temperature ranges and provides the outputs necessary for transitioning to packet-based networks.

The TiemPo 6400N universal output cards provide 4 DS1 outputs, configurable by the port as T1, E1, Composite Clock (CC) or 2.048 MHz Square Wave, along with an optional NTP server, which provides reliable, accurate time stamps via Ethernet.

Management options include Ethernet internal web server GUI, Ethernet Telnet TL1 or Serial TL1. Dual power and discrete alarm connections provide needed flexibility to meet various timing and synchronization applications.

Ideal for field cabinets and “rough service” locations, our hardened GPS clocks have extended temperature ranges and just the right number of outputs for companies transitioning to packet-based networks.

TiemPo 6400N Nano is particularly well suited for companies looking for cost-effective solutions to support small, remote sites.

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Key Features:

  • GPS/Stratum 1 Primary Reference Clock (PRC) with Stratum 3E/Local Node Clock (LNC) holdover, or as Clock Distributor only
  • Synchronization Status Messages (SSM) meet Bellcore GR-378 and ANSI T1X1.3 TR-33
  • Fully Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3 compliant: GR 63, 78, 1089 CORE, 19 in. ANSI or ETSI rack mounting. (23 in. optional)
  • Wide Temperature range of -25°C to +50°C
  • Ethernet TCP/IP and craft RS-232 ports for remote system configuration and reporting, with optional SNMP (v2c).
  • DProTM Graphical User Interface
  • SNTPv4 available for Ethernet Network Timing
  • Optional kits: GPS Ant Kit and Lightning Protection Kit

Call 1-800-888-1978 to order or email sales@tescomusa.com.

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