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From the smallest application to the largest telecom office, TesCom has a solution. Our quality line of MADE IN AMERICA Timing & Synchronization products offers the very latest in advanced, Next-Generation timing for both frequency and IP-based designs (PTP/IEEE-1588 and NTP/SNTP) while providing over 200 output types for legacy network requirements.

If you are replacing a legacy timing system, in many cases you may re-use existing antenna and output cables, resulting in huge savings on installation labor hours and thousands of dollars in reduced cutover costs. Our Timing & Synchronization Engineers can provide expert analysis of your timing needs, perform on-site synchronization surveys, and develop a Sync Plan specific to your network configuration.

Services to Help you Succeed

TesCom Timing also offers training packages for Planning, Design, Installation and Maintenance of Timing & Synchronization networks. We can provide expert analysis and testing guidance for troubleshooting Timing & Synchronization issues that cause a wide range of network fault and error conditions.

In addition, TesCom also manufactures Halcyon test instruments, with products aimed at troubleshooting timing issues. We are YOUR timing experts. All TesCom & Halcyon branded products are MADE IN THE USA.

Why TesCom?

TesCom is the nation's most responsive Timing & Synchronization company. Whether large or small, you are important to us. We earn your business every day with unmatched customer service before and after the sale.

For over 30 years, TesCom has provided mission-critical repair & calibration services of general and telecom test equipment ranging from DC to 50 GHz for top Telephone, Utility, Service and Manufacturing companies nationwide; provided Plug-In Card repair for major and independent carriers; and manufactured centralized and portable network test systems for the telecom industry.

Our engineers have been building and testing telecom networks since 1975. Our Timing & Synchronization equipment is used by mission-critical aerospace, terrestrial, airborne (vehicle and missile), land-mobile and fixed civilian and military communications/telecom and command/control.

When Do We Start?

Make TesCom your "one-stop timing company" and leverage our staff as your own. Choose TesCom to handle all of your Timing/Synchronization, new Test Equipment (analog TIMS, DDS & T1), and test equipment repair and calibration needs, and stop the finger pointing between vendors.

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Sync Port Series