TesCom Tool Repair Lashers, Pumps, Hoists, Power Tools

The TesCom Mechanical repair team can troubleshoot and restore a wide range of tools including but not limited to cable lashers, submersible pumps, chain hoists, and power tools. 

Our GMP Certified staff has extensive experience in cable lasher repair including GMP Apollo, GMP J2, and WT Products cable lashers.

Our standard pricing for PO's in the amount of $10k or less is listed below.  Contract pricing for volume customers or one time PO's greater than $10K is available upon request.


Minimum Repair Price

Cable Lashers

$500 plus parts





Power Tools


If you are interested in establishing contract terms, please email sales@tescomusa.com.

For additional service or questions, call 800-888-1978 or email us at support@tescomusa.com