NS-3™ RF Noise Source

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NS-3™ RF Noise Source

RF Noise Source for Bench and ATE Test Applications

The NS-3™ Broadband RF Noise Generator provides an extremely flat AWGN (Additive White Gaussian Noise) signal from 5 to 2150 MHz. The output level adjusts in 0.1 dB steps over a 30 dB range.

Available in either the bench-top form factor or the two unit (2U) rack enclosure. The RS232 or USB remote control interface simplifies its use in automated test and factory ATE environments. The NS-3’s combination of range, versatility and value make it the ideal general purpose broad-spectrum signal source for bench and ATE applications, including C/N, BER, MER, PER testing and rain fade simulation.

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Available Accessory:

75 to 50 Ohm Matching Pad for Model NS-3™ (75 ohm male BNC to 50 ohm female BNC)

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