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A NEW UPDATE IS AVAILABLE for the XR-3 Modular Test Instrument & VSAT-ACM satellite meter module! 

Applied Instruments XR-3

New versions of the following software components and programs are available for your XR-3(W) base instrument and/or VSAT-ACM satellite meter module:

  • North American Field Guide v2.63
  • Alaska Hawaii Field Guide v1.23
  • XR-3 Main Software v1.66

To keep your XR-3’s performance optimized, download the latest versions of these software components into the XR-3 at your earliest convenience.


What the release contains:

The new software update for the XR-3 w/ Turbo S2 includes:

  • Satellite transponder database revisions for KU-Band and C-Band.
  • Fine tuned the EbNo, EsNo, and C/N signal calculations.

New versions of Flash Update & MeterMaid software are available at:

  • FlashUpdate v2.3
  • MeterMaid v1.17

Flash Update Software for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10: www.appliedin.com/downloads/flashupdatezip.exe


XR-3 Software Updates Overview & Versions Currently Available:


Installation Instructions:


Updating your XR-3 base instrument and meter module:

  • While the XR-3 is powered off, slide the meter module down into XR-3 base unit until it clicks, and then tighten thumb screws finger-tight.
  • Connect the XR-3 to your computer using the USB data transfer cable. Power the meter on. Launch the FlashUpdate program. Click on Connect. The program will determine which software components need to be updated in your base unit and meter module.  Click on Update.


Updating your XR-3W base instrument and meter module:

  • Ensure the meter is connected to a WiFi network
  • Press Menu / WiFi / and select Meter Software Update
  • The meter will determine which software components need to be updated.
  • Press the Update soft key



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